Album complete, SXSW beckons

We're done in the studio and back on the road

The last year has been absolutely insane for us Yawpers. Multiple national toursalbumrecordings, new agency signings, tons of great shows, and the like. We are pumped to keep it going in 2015, and we have a couple of rad announcements.

First, and by far most important is, we have completed our new record, though we have yet to announce a release date just yet. What we can tell you is that it will be out this year, and that it will be called American Man. The few places we have sent it have given us overwhelmingly positive response, and we hope to have more exciting news on release details shortly. 

This year also marks our first year as an official SXSW performer, which makes us one of a handful of bands from Colorado to make it into the festival! In addition, we will be playing the Colorado Music Showcase and Midcoast Takeover for our unofficials. Take a look at our tour dates below for a complete schedule.

Finally, we're pleased to announce the launch of our new online store. You can finally get all of our shirts and records that we were sold out of last time you saw us live! 

Alright guys, we'll catch you soon! Check out our tour dates below, connect with us across the socialverse, and only huff the premium.


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